Robowar - Robot da guerra


Bruno Mattei satisfied me with his previous movies, but Robowar - Robot da guerra is much better. I really enjoyed watching Robowar - Robot da guerra. It is worth returning to the movie, there is a chance that every time we discover something new. It's a very innovative movie. I walked into this movie totally blind. I knew nothing about it, even never saw a trailer... That movie sticks out in my mind with how good it was. Maybe because I just didn't expect it. You can see this movie on XMovies8 for free.

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A clone / mix of PREDATOR, RAMBO, and ROBOCOP gone nuts jungle flick with an international cast, exotic locale and good electronic music.

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Directors: Bruno Mattei
Countries: Italy
Release: 1989-09-09
Duration: 92 min
IMDb Rating: 4.3
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