Californication - Season 2


I was very impressed when I watched it for the first time. Honestly, I liked watching Californication - Season 2. The hollywood doesn't have large number of better tv series than Californication - Season 2. What's more, this is definitely the type of tv show that you can watch several times and always see something new, interesting. The abundance of various discussions between the characters makes the conversations in this tv series leave other productions far behind. The actors of Californication - Season 2 doesn't try to become stars of the evening, but they consistently play their roles. I haven't found this full tv show anywhere else so I uploaded it here on this website.... Show more

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Hank Moody- a self loathing, narcissistic author struggles to overcome writer's block while balancing his occasional drug use, alcoholism, and borderline sex addiction all the while trying to get back together with his girlfriend and raise his teenage daughter.

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Directors: Tom Kapinos
Countries: United States
Release: 2008-09-28
IMDb Rating: 8.3
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