Bread - Season 1


Legendary tv show, everyone should see it at least once. Honestly, I liked watching Bread - Season 1. Effective assembly and a thrilling action let you forget about the wasted potential of the scenario. It's a very innovative tv show. The tv show starts in a very unusual way. The actors of Bread - Season 1 doesn't try to become stars of the evening, but they consistently play their roles. Very interesting tv show, honestly.

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The Liverpool-based Boswell family are experts at exploiting the system to get by in life. Despite the fact that none of the Boswells are officially employed, they manage to live a fairly good life thanks to government handouts and various cash-in-hand jobs. Family life for the Boswells centers around their God-fearing Catholic mother, Nellie. With her husband having left her for "a tart", she relies upon her eldest son, Joey, to play the father's role to her other three sons, Jack, Adrian and Billy, and her daughter Aveline. Their ability to squeeze the DHSS dry, while the boys earn a living on the side, is legendary. But, although the family is the focus of their lives, they each have different reasons to be unhappy!... Show more

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Countries: United Kingdom
Release: 1986-05-01
IMDb Rating: 6.1
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