Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero


Really great movie Boyd Kirkland created a true masterpiece for us. Until now Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero is the best online movie I've seen this year. This movie has the most beautiful ending you can ever dream of. You just have to watch Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero. This movie has destroyed my mind and nothing will happen after that. Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero turned out to be better than I predicted.. I haven't found this full movie anywhere else so I uploaded it here on this website.

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Victor Fries, aka Mr. Freeze, has found a home - the Arctic Circle, where he can live as a normal man can live in the tropics, and where his wife Nora remains in cryogenic suspension pending Victor's discovery of a cure for the illness that will take her life should she be freed too soon. However, a submarine on a scientific expedition surfaces through the ice of Fries 'cave home, destroying the area - and breeching the seals on Nora Fries' cryo-chamber. In desperation, Victor dons the frigid battlesuit of Mr. Freeze to find the one doctor who can save Nora's life, but the doctor needs an organ transplant to pull off the operation. He finds a donor with the right blood type - Barbara Gordon, whose relationship with Dick Grayson is becoming more serious. When Barbara is kidnapped, Grayson and Bruce Wayne don their famous crime fighter costumes to track down Barbara and Freeze, and along the way learn the full story of Nora Fries' desperate predicament.... Show more

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Directors: Boyd Kirkland
Countries: United States
Release: 1998-02-11
IMDb Rating: 7.2
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