Suburban Secrets


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Laura, a woman desired by many people as well as a famous nude model in New York, was living her life perfectly until she received a phone call from her sister Winnifred, telling her that her ex-boyfriend Nelson is having an affair with their aunt Cynthia. Laura returns to her hometown to her sister and her aunt where she finds herself in a very confusing position. She begins to love Nelson again but she doesn't want to ruin the relationship between her aunt and Nelson. Nelson finds himself in a confusing position too, due to a sexual relationship between him and his sister Judith, but he didn't want to lose Cynthia. Winnifred's friend Louise want to write a novel about their personal lives but Winnifred want to stop her to save her family's privacy.... Show more

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Directors: Joseph W. Sarno
Countries: United States
Release: 2004
Duration: 153 min
IMDb Rating: 4.6
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