About us

xMovies8 is back. We are a group of people who love watching movies and tv series. We watch movies regularly, almost everyday just as all of you. We created our website in 2016 with a huge success. After many takeovers of our domains (xmovies8.to, xmovies3.com, xmovies8.com) we are finally back with domain xmovies8.pw and this website will stay active as long as it will be possible. As always our mission is to deliver fresh content of movies and tv series daily. Our current database contains over 25 000 of movies and 120 000 of tv series episodes.

Our long term goal is to once again become the biggest movie streaming site in the global internet. The bigger this website will be, the better quality movies and tv series we can provide to you. If you want to help us, simply share this website with your friends on any social media platform.

xmovies8.pw team